A Century of Service to the Community--and the World, 1917-2017


Welcome to the Rotary Club of Henderson!

Chartered in 1917, the Club's membership focuses on service, fellowship, and education. Some of the Club's service projects:

  • For over 75 years the Club has offered the Archie Riehl Field Day to 3rd-5th graders. Students compete at their school with winners coming to the field day to focus on sportsmanship, exercise, and healthy habits.
  • The lead gift for the workforce ethics-based Rotary Colonels to College Scholarship was provided by the Henderson Rotary Club.
  • The Club also provides scholarships each year for high school graduates and current college students. With a generous gift from Jim and Nyla Tilloson, the Club provides one graduate school scholarship each year.
  • The Club provides a focus on literacy by providing each third-grader with a dictionary or storybook and reading aloud to the children in the classroom.
  • The Club raises funds to provide new warm coats to children in the winter.
  • The Club "rings the bell" for Salvation Army.
  • The Club supports an underserved neighborhood--the East End Project--in partnership with the City of Henderson.

The Club's major fundraiser is Trivia Night--an evening in January or February when teams from local businesses and interested individuals compete for cash prizes and recognition.

"Like" the Rotary of Henderson's Facebook page for lots of updates (remember, you don't have to log in to Facebook to see the page). Photos and stories are also shared through the links on this website (especially the History and Stories links).

Want to Join?

Here are the steps you should take:

  • Visit the club once or twice and visit with our members.
  • Learn about Rotary International through the Rotary links above.
  • Decide if "Service above Self" is the right choice for you.
  • Fill out the application and bring it to a meeting. One or two club members will need to sponsor you, so please be sure to introduce yourself if you don't already know members in the club.
  • Once you are a member you will go through an orientation/introduction to Rotary.
  • Join in on Club activities and service and become an active member!

Guests are Welcome! 

Please come to one of our meetings--the meeting location is provided on the left-hand menu, but check club activities and the Facebook page in case we have changed the meeting for the week.

We also have special new member pricing available--ask us at a meeting!

Rotary Grants and Scholarships

Rotary of Henderson is pleased to offer this opportunity to support educational and organizational needs:

Rotary Club of Henderson will give out $5,000 in five, $1,000 scholarships in April of 2019. The scholarships are based both on current academic success and need.

Applicants should be graduating high school seniors or college students who live or attend school in Henderson, Kentucky, who have a record of successful high school work and/or college work and who will be applying to any accredited two-year community/technical college or four-year university. Students must demonstrate a need for additional funding to complete their programs of study.

To apply, complete the application, which covers fall and spring term 2019-2020. Include a cover letter describing the applicant’s goals to accomplish in college, progress in high school or college, and financial need for this scholarship (i.e. costs to attend the preferred institution, other scholarships received, etc.). Attach a resume and a transcript of high school or college classes. Mail the application packet to the Henderson Rotary Club of Henderson c/o Charitable Trust, P.O. Box 77, Henderson, KY 42419-0077 or submit a PDF version to hendersonrotaryscholarship@gmail.com by the deadline of March 15, 2019.

Download the application by clicking here.



Rotary of Henderson offers the Jim & Nyla Tillotson Graduate Studies Scholarship of $2,500 for the 2019-2020 academic year to an eligible applicant to be used in an accredited graduate school. The Scholarship is based on current academic success, field of study/service, and financial need of the applicant. If you are interested, please complete the steps below and mail in your application.

Who should apply?

  • Students who are residents of Henderson County, Kentucky, who graduated from Henderson County High School, Henderson, Kentucky, or who are employed fulltime in Henderson County, Kentucky, and who have a record of successful college work and, if applicable, work history.
  • Students who will be applying to any accredited graduate school or who are current students in an accredited graduate school.
  • Students who can demonstrate a need for additional funding to complete their program of study.

Steps to Apply:

  • Complete the application, which covers fall and spring term, 2019-2020
  • Attach a cover letter describing your goals to accomplish in graduate school and after graduate school, and your financial need for this scholarship (i.e. costs to attend your preferred institution, other scholarships you may have received)
  • Attach your resume and college transcript (and, if you are currently in graduate school, your graduate school transcript)
  • Attach proof of acceptance and/or attendance in an accredited graduate school.
  • Attach proof of residence in Henderson, Kentucky or of graduation from Henderson County High School.
  • Mail your packet to Henderson Rotary Club of Henderson, c/o Charitable Trust, P.O. Box 77, Henderson, KY 42419-0077 postmarked by the deadline of May 17, 2019. You may also email your packet as an Adobe.pdf file to hendokyrotary@gmail.com by the deadline of Friday, May 17, 2019 at midnight
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